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Through the TripleWin Academy we offer a wide range of world-class courses and programs. We employ a highly interactive teaching style, combining practice sessions with relevant theory and principles to create a rich and engaging learning environment. Over the past 10 years, we have created and delivered three multi-course offerings:

Any of our courses can be combined into an Academy format to achieve a higher level of skill development, content comprehension, and skill transfer to the workplace.




Today’s business success is founded on building and maintaining collaborative relationships. Team and interpersonal skills are as relevant today as much as at any point in history. Focusing on creating a win-win, collaborative culture can fundamentally and quickly propel an organization forward – energy follows focus. We developed our TripleWin foundation course – POWERED BY 3 WINS™.

POWERED BY 3 WINS™ is an appropriate course to:

  • Launch new organizations (due to mergers or downsizing)
  • Assist organizations execute significant changes
  • Increase focus on customer loyalty and gain higher levels of employee engagement
  • Energize the company culture, spark teamwork, generate collaboration, or address low employee engagement


TripleWin’s Professional Development Program


CCY, formerly known as PDP, is a professional and interpersonal skill development program, reinforcing customer centricity and providing opportunities for collaboration, networking and building relationships across organizational boundaries. The sessions of CCY help participants grow and develop the skills needed to succeed in business today as trusted business partners.

What problem does CCY address?

Current research shows 54% of employees do not have the skills required to effectively perform their jobs. CCY provides a contemporary skill set that fills the interpersonal skills’ gap, preparing participants to excel in their roles.

Why should I follow this program?

Participants in CCY get a return on their investment in 4 ways. They learn essential skills for working in today’s business environment, they increase their personal skills, enhance their personal credentials, and they grow their professional networks.

What are the benefits for me as a participant?

You gain advanced yet practical business and personal skills in a stimulating learning environment. By applying the CCY concepts, you will significantly increase your effectiveness with customers, your boss, your colleagues, your friends, and family.

What is the difference with other development programs?

CCY is unique in both its content and its delivery style. The TripleWin facilitators of CCY are experienced in a variety of organizations and businesses and are world-class in how they package and share the CCY message.

Who is the right target group for CCY?

CCY graduates are all ages and come from all disciplines – sales, marketing, technology development, finance, human resources, consulting, project management, and management. The program fits for all professionals that want to grow their interpersonal and business skills.

For more information, please visit our dedicated CCY website,


Please contact us for course details or to discuss customized TripleWin Academy training solutions.

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