The TripleWin partners are experienced and certified coaches. We use a variety of processes and methods to assist individuals meet their personal objectives. In addition to providing one-on-one coaching services, TripleWin provides training and development for coaches and mentors.

The value of using external coaches with leaders and key employees is broadly recognized. TripleWin coaches successfully:

  • Create an environment for solving problems and raising personal accountability
  • Identify and address performance challenges
  • Raise awareness and understanding of interpersonal dynamics
  • Encourage continuous personal and professional development

TripleWin Coaching Model

Our Relationship-based Coaching and our TripleWin Mentoring courses build internal coaching capability. We have used our own certification experiences and built courses that can set your internal resources up for success.


“Nancy Brown-Johnston uses many different tools and knowledge to help with coaching to help the client grow personally and to strengthen working relationships with employees and other leaders.”
Jennifer Banker, HR Business Partner, Sealed Air.


“Nancy was my mentor throughout my HR career and taught me how to become an effective change agent and equipped me with skills and knowledge to excel in the changing environment.”
Junder Chiang, Asia Pacific Regional Director, Ashland.


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