Nancy Brown Johnston is one of the most talented facilitators of crisis management in the U.S. It is her discerning personal style that moves organizational leaders to realize that it is the workforce that knows what really needs to be changed.- Glenn H. Varney PhD, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
Courses and Material were well prepared – from the schedule and preparation material to the closing of the session – the participants always knew where they stood. TripleWin understood what concept our big company needs to initiate a change. All course leaders were really great (Nancy, Guus, Richard, Edu & Tormod) and I enjoyed being part of the sessions.- Thomas Puppato, Account Delivery Manager, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
Our people had to be more results oriented and solve their own problems. Now I see that people are taking more responsibility. They make norms and they stick to them. In the past, all the problems came to the managers. Nowadays they take care of their own problems. There are fewer meetings and they are daring to give feedback and have a positive approach to conflict resolution. I think it saves us hundreds of thousand euros.- Loet van Kimmenade , ManagerNUON
The Triple Win approach enabled us to make a successful integration of three different kinds of organizations.- Bernard Koeckhoven, MD, Interpolis Agro
The areas of our communication and personal weaknesses were exposed and resolved with solutions. The trainer, Guus Oosterop, was so good and I rate the program as excellent.- Nicola Wallace, Deloitte Consulting

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