There are less meetings and productivity is growing, thanks to TripleWin!- Paul Amelink, Director Region Noord Systems
The areas of our communication and personal weaknesses were exposed and resolved with solutions. The trainer, Guus Oosterop, was so good and I rate the program as excellent.- Nicola Wallace, Deloitte Consulting
I met Nancy Brown-Johnston when she facilitated the Practitioner of Change program. She taught me about the power of personal accountability, honesty and being genuine not only through sharing her experiences but in how she showed up every day. She made the course come alive. Practitioner of Change provided me with a toolkit that I can use every day in every situation.- Michelle den Ouden, Advisor, HR Systems Devon Canada Corporation
There is less illness and departments are communicating better.- Anton Westerkamp, Regio Ijsselvech Director BPM
They help you understand the theory and give you insight into the way that you communicate with your clients. Problem areas were identified within a short space of time and we could start the process of solving them immediately.- J. Kennedy, Sanlam

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