In-depth facilitation changed their (staff) attitude from antagonistic to positive and resourceful.- A. Spadenberg, Showerlux
The learning experience has been worth the time away from my job and it pointed out our areas of challenge, excellent training overall.- Mahomed Ramathulla, Sykes Enterprises (HP)
The areas of our communication and personal weaknesses were exposed and resolved with solutions. The trainer, Guus Oosterop, was so good and I rate the program as excellent.- Nicola Wallace, Deloitte Consulting
The Professional Development Program (PDP) has in many ways opened my eyes. The models and tools we learned and used build a useful foundation for everyday life, whether business or private. It was worth every minute!- Sabine Wolf, Retail Account Manager, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
The feedback that I received was incredibly positive and I have them all screaming for more.- K. Kruger, Netstar

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