In-depth facilitation changed their (staff) attitude from antagonistic to positive and resourceful.- A. Spadenberg, Showerlux
Nancy Brown Johnston is one of the most talented facilitators of crisis management in the U.S. It is her discerning personal style that moves organizational leaders to realize that it is the workforce that knows what really needs to be changed.- Glenn H. Varney PhD, Professor Emeritus, Bowling Green State University
There are less meetings and productivity is growing, thanks to TripleWin!- Paul Amelink, Director Region Noord Systems
Nancy is skilled and effective across a wide range of audiences from hourly compensated employees to senior leaders in Fortune 100 companies. Nancy also has many years experience working internationally and has demonstrated her outstanding communication skills through presentations, learning events and writing.- Larry Godfrey PhD., former Assistant Dean, College of Human Resources General Motors University
Nancy is a great leader. She was leading our big group of diverse people through the six two-day-courses packed with a lot of intensive material – always in control of the session. She can bring life into the theoretical stuff – and underline the topic with nice examples to get the link to the real world. With her broad and deep knowledge of the content in the different courses we had, she always linked those topics to enlarge the potential one can get out of these.- Thomas Puppato, Account Delivery Manager, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland

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