Courses and Material were well prepared – from the schedule and preparation material to the closing of the session – the participants always knew where they stood. TripleWin understood what concept our big company needs to initiate a change. All course leaders were really great (Nancy, Guus, Richard, Edu & Tormod) and I enjoyed being part of the sessions.- Thomas Puppato, Account Delivery Manager, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
The Triple Win approach enabled us to make a successful integration of three different kinds of organizations.- Bernard Koeckhoven, MD, Interpolis Agro
There is less illness and departments are communicating better.- Anton Westerkamp, Regio Ijsselvech Director BPM
In-depth facilitation changed their (staff) attitude from antagonistic to positive and resourceful.- A. Spadenberg, Showerlux
The feedback that I received was incredibly positive and I have them all screaming for more.- K. Kruger, Netstar

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