There is less illness and departments are communicating better.- Anton Westerkamp, Regio Ijsselvech Director BPM
Nancy is one of these people you seldom meet which have the talent to connect with you at once. Her professional background is certainly one part, as she is not only able to reflect on experiences she has had, but she can also zoom back to see the great good, or as well, the not so good aspects the situations she experienced. She is an excellent communicator and has a positive way of approaching the different natures of students.- Christian Dinten, Master Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
In-depth facilitation changed their (staff) attitude from antagonistic to positive and resourceful.- A. Spadenberg, Showerlux
Nearly all trainings are dogmatic about “this way and nothing else,” where as the Professional Development Program (PDP) has a sense of real life and flexibility to it that I’ve not seen before. If I could propose only one training, I would go for PDP for all functions in an organization, including all ranks, as the mindset change must be borne by everyone.- Christian Dinten, Master Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
Nancy is a great leader. She was leading our big group of diverse people through the six two-day-courses packed with a lot of intensive material – always in control of the session. She can bring life into the theoretical stuff – and underline the topic with nice examples to get the link to the real world. With her broad and deep knowledge of the content in the different courses we had, she always linked those topics to enlarge the potential one can get out of these.- Thomas Puppato, Account Delivery Manager, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland

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