Nearly all trainings are dogmatic about “this way and nothing else,” where as the Professional Development Program (PDP) has a sense of real life and flexibility to it that I’ve not seen before. If I could propose only one training, I would go for PDP for all functions in an organization, including all ranks, as the mindset change must be borne by everyone.- Christian Dinten, Master Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
Without exaggeration I can state that the TripleWin way is the most effective way I have ever experienced.- Hans Gelauff, Bruna B.V.
I met Nancy Brown-Johnston when she facilitated the Practitioner of Change program. She taught me about the power of personal accountability, honesty and being genuine not only through sharing her experiences but in how she showed up every day. She made the course come alive. Practitioner of Change provided me with a toolkit that I can use every day in every situation.- Michelle den Ouden, Advisor, HR Systems Devon Canada Corporation
In-depth facilitation changed their (staff) attitude from antagonistic to positive and resourceful.- A. Spadenberg, Showerlux
Our people had to be more results oriented and solve their own problems. Now I see that people are taking more responsibility. They make norms and they stick to them. In the past, all the problems came to the managers. Nowadays they take care of their own problems. There are fewer meetings and they are daring to give feedback and have a positive approach to conflict resolution. I think it saves us hundreds of thousand euros.- Loet van Kimmenade , ManagerNUON

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