The learning experience has been worth the time away from my job and it pointed out our areas of challenge, excellent training overall.- Mahomed Ramathulla, Sykes Enterprises (HP)
Nancy is one of these people you seldom meet which have the talent to connect with you at once. Her professional background is certainly one part, as she is not only able to reflect on experiences she has had, but she can also zoom back to see the great good, or as well, the not so good aspects the situations she experienced. She is an excellent communicator and has a positive way of approaching the different natures of students.- Christian Dinten, Master Consultant, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
The Professional Development Program (PDP) has in many ways opened my eyes. The models and tools we learned and used build a useful foundation for everyday life, whether business or private. It was worth every minute!- Sabine Wolf, Retail Account Manager, Hewlett-Packard Switzerland
Our people had to be more results oriented and solve their own problems. Now I see that people are taking more responsibility. They make norms and they stick to them. In the past, all the problems came to the managers. Nowadays they take care of their own problems. There are fewer meetings and they are daring to give feedback and have a positive approach to conflict resolution. I think it saves us hundreds of thousand euros.- Loet van Kimmenade , ManagerNUON
They help you understand the theory and give you insight into the way that you communicate with your clients. Problem areas were identified within a short space of time and we could start the process of solving them immediately.- J. Kennedy, Sanlam

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