Design and Development


TripleWin partners with your team to design and develop courses to match your organization’s needs. This includes:

  • Custom designed courses
  • Train-the-trainer programs
  • Co-facilitation services
  • In-house training department support

We have been in the training design and development business for over 30 years. In addition to designing the TripleWin courses, we have managed training departments inside of Delphi, Saturn Corporation, and General Motors, with a full range of design, development , sourcing, staffing, and delivery responsibilities. When possible and appropriate, we partner with internal training resources and leaders in the delivery of our programs.


“Nearly all trainings are dogmatic about ‘this way and nothing else,’ where as the Professional Development Program (PDP) has a sense of real life and flexibility to it that I’ve not seen before.”
Christian Dinten, Master Consultant, HP Switzerland

Some of the companies we have partnered with to create customized training solutions:

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samsung Cogent_logo

Delphi_logo 94px-Syngenta.svg 800px-Siemens_AG_logo.svg

194px-General_Motors.svg   HP-logo   magma



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