Organizations successfully execute change when they focus on 3 Wins: A Win for the Customer, A Win for the Organization, and A Win for the Individual. Most change initiatives have no shortage of great thinking or strategies – the missing element is a process that mobilizes the organization to implement the vision and strategies. Failure in execution is often due to lack of aligned processes and people. TripleWin training courses address this shortfall.
TripleWin courses include an optimum mix of theory, experiential learning events, and workplace application. They can be customized to meet a specific organizational need.

TripleWin can help you answer these training and development questions:

  • Do you need to build internal consulting and facilitation capability?
  • Do you need to grow and develop your managers and leaders?
  • Can you benefit from improving your customer approach?
  • Are you struggling with organizational issues related to alignment, engagement, and accountability?
  • Is it time for you to build more internal change and consulting capability?
  • Are you looking for proven team development approaches, programs, and facilitators?
  • Are you ready to invest in your people to attract, inspire, and retain your top talent?
  • Is your organization in the midst of significant change?

Available TripleWin program topics include:

  • Customer Care & Sales
  • Consulting & Facilitation
  • Change Management
  • Team & Culture Development
  • Relationships (Communication, Conflict, Negotiation, Problem Solving)
  • Leadership Development

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“Nancy listened to our needs and partnered effectively to develop customized training, incorporating our change management methodology and masterfully facilitated the workshops – with many participants stating it was the best learning experience in their career.”
John Nelson, President, BT+L Partners


“Nancy’s experience in the culture of General Motors and Saturn allow her to move easily between senior leaders and shop floor employees with a grace and ease not always present with trainers and consultants.”
Thomas A. Stratton, Supply Chain Change Manager, Syngenta

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